Tourist Spots

Bolinao is not just about beaches. You can also explore historical places like the St. James Church and Bolinao Lighthouse. Visit educational places like the UP Marine Sanctuary and Bolinao Museum. Discover hidden places like Tara Falls. Don’t forget to visit the famous Patar Beach and enjoy white sand and cool waves.

Rock Formation

This is another fabulous spot you shouldn’t miss. This place is a photographer’s delight, professional and amateur alike. You can climb up the rock formations and marvel at the lovely view of the sea and witness some of the most scenic sunsets in Bolinao.

UP Marine Sanctuary

This is where giant clams, sea urchins and sea cucumbers are cultured to restore marine habitats. The Bolinao Marine Laboratory itself is surrounded by a variety of tropical marine ecosystems such as coral reefs, sea grasses and mangrove forests. Local tourism officials are quick to point out that the giant clams seen in Alaminos? Hundred […]

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

The lighthouse provides a panoramic view of a portion of the Cape Bolinao Dendro Thermal Ipil-Ipil Plantation on a land area where archaeological excavations have revealed relics from the 14th to the 15th centuries. You can enjoy the blue water of South China Sea and the Lingayen Gulf. This Place is a must see place […]

Patar Beach

Patar beach resort is really Boracay of the North. With a blue ocean and white fine sand. And a beautiful sunset.

Enchanted Cave

The largest of the caves in Bolinao. One can enjoy the cold water from the underground pool especially after being under the sun for quite some time. Here one can examine fossilized remains of giant clams discovered in the hilltop 2 kms from Enchanted Cave. Carbon dating reportedly revealed they are about 4-5 million years […]

Bolinao Falls

Two falls of the same name is in Bolinao both a hidden paradise with clear, cold and inviting water. Great for photoshoots and picnics.

Cindy’s Cave

The cave hosts a freshwater stream inside with shallow and clean but very cold water. Enjoy the natural beauty of the cave while on the picnic area inside the cave.

Wonderful Cave

This is a must try who wants to take a semi-private deep on its cool waters since its not usually frequented by tourists. When you go take a dip into the pool in Wonderful Cave try to find the secret room.

St. James Church

A fortress-like stone church constructed by the Spanish in 1607. See the location of many pictures of period-inspired weddings held there. Bask in the 400 year-old massive facade, intricate retablos and belfry.

Balingasay River

Envied for its scenic beauty and biodiversity, a recipient of various environmental awards. A tour on a banca is highly recommended.